“Love Is You” Video Submission


Now that my song is out (listen here) — I’d love to have you all in the music video!!


  • In order to participate, please email zana@zanazora.com a video expressing what love means to you. It could be with friends, family, pets, or incorporating anything you love instruments, painting, etc. Please do not break quarantine to do this video. 

  • Let your humor and wild imagination run free, maybe even with the help of technology.

  • Make sure your video is recorded horizontally and ranges somewhere between 5 and 30 seconds long (meaning no less than 5 seconds long and no more than 30 seconds long). 

  • You can send videos of you dancing along to “Love Is You”, singing or signing along to it (if you speak sign language) click here for the lyrics, or even just laughing together. Any form of happiness and optimism is encouraged. 

  • I’d love to see you get creative with your submission as long as it remains appropriate for all ages and does not put you or anyone else in harm’s way. 

  • I know it is a difficult time for us all right now. With your help, I’m hoping this can bring some light and joy into the world and remind us of the most important thing that we have, which is love. 

  • The last day to submit your video is Tuesday, April 21st. I love you all and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Please understand that by sending in this video you are authorizing us to use your footage in Zāna's new music video for her latest single “Love Is You”, as well as for advertisement purposes. 



  • Please include your full name in your email

  • By submitting a clip, you are giving us permission to use it in the video

  • Do not include clips of people’s faces who have not given approval

  • 5sec-30sec long

  • Must be appropriate for ALL ages

  • Record horizontally and on highest quality possible

  • Do not put yourself or others (including animals) in harm’s way

  • Do not break quarantine rules

  • Last day for submission: Tuesday, April 21st

  • Email: zana@zanazora.com

  • Get creative, beauties!  

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