11  SEP, 2019

Zāna performs on Quadio's After Hours live session in NY! 

 17  JUN, 2019

"It has always been about reaching as many people as possible. Maybe I can brighten up their day, maybe I can teach them a lesson that I’ve learned from my personal experiences or show them that they’re not the only one’s going through a particular struggle."

 17  JUN, 2019

"The video for Zāna’s single, ‘Nah’ opens as it means to go on. A woman wearing high heeled shoes, emblazoned with a big cat on one, and the word ‘Nah’ in diamonds on the other, strides into a party – the heels sparking electricity as she goes. It’s the perfect representation of the sass, sultriness, and strength which come to mind when we think of Zāna."

 14  JUN, 2019


 13  JUN, 2019

California Music Channel's "In The Air Everywhere" added "Nah" to their playlist!

 10  JUN, 2019

"'Nah" is a track that works as well in 2019 as it would have in 1999; this timeless sound is a fantastic way to get familiarized with the performer."

 10  JUN, 2019


Skope Magazine

 06  JUN, 2019

PREMIERE: "This anthem is the perfect representation of what people think and feel when met with unwanted, creepy gestures; all they want to say is “Nah” over and over again like Zāna. You can see some of the girls having fun and dancing with the guys in the bar but in the end they walk out alone because not every female-male interaction prompts a one night stand. Girls just want to have fun—on their own terms.

 22  APR, 2019

Zāna performs a One On One session live on Cellar Sessions at  City Winery in NY! 

 08  MAR, 2019

Zāna Brushes off Advances on Barefaced Pop Anthem "Nah": "Zāna's latest single "Nah" is a fresh and sassy anthem for those moments when you simply want to have fun without any "gaudy grips.'"

 27  FEB, 2019

Zāna performs live on iHeartRadio Live Sessions at iHeartMedia HQ in NY! 

 15  FEB, 2019

"This week on the Wonderama Beat, Coco and Breezy are joined by up and coming singer, Zāna for a special performance in our 360 studio!"

 03  DEC, 2018

"We really are the creators of our own soul. We create who we are, we make who we are every single day. Every decision we make and every mistake. How we react to things, how we grow from things, that is all us creating who we are as people and that is kind of a scary thought because it's like, 'Am I creating a good person?' It's all in your control." - Zāna

On The Rise

 30  NOV, 2018

The Beauty of Zāna: Finding Sound and Resolutions - "Singer/Songwriter, Zāna stripped down her sultry sound and meaning behind her latest EP, 'The Beauty of Zora' and the perspective of mental health struggles."

 12  SEP, 2018


"Obsessed with Zāna’s “Wish He’d Stayed” video? Us, too! That’s why we’re taking you behind-the-scenes!"

 23  AUG, 2018

Concert Review: Zāna Brings You Gypsy-Pop At Mercury Lounge - "Love is wild, and Zāna captures that through rhythms that drive you wilder...She summons an old soul with colorful sophistication and a worldly youthfulness that enraptures audiences."

 09  AUG, 2018

Issue 26 - pages10-13: "A free woman living with the heart of a gypsy and by the rule of her art, Zāna is both an artist and an artwork standing alone composed of integrity, authenticity, and wholeheartedness."

Unclear Magazine

 31  JUL, 2018

Zāna's Debut EP The Beauty of Zora featured in "New Music Round Up"

 28  JUL, 2018

​​​The New Nine: Saturday morning feels with @zanazora's new EP The Beauty of Zora.


 27  JUL, 2018

Zāna's Debut EP The Beauty of Zora featured on #NewMusicFriday

 27  JUL, 2018


 25  JUL, 2018

"PopDust EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN | Zāna: The Beauty of Zora. Her Debut Album is Dedicated to Her Late Grandmother, and it Holds... So Much." 


 11  JUL, 2018

SCENES Live Session with Zāna

 29  JUN, 2018


 28  JUN, 2018

"PREMIERE: Zāna Is Captivating & Angelic in the Video for “Wish He’d Stayed: Zāna’s relaxing voice and the mesmerizing instrumentation on display in her new single “Wish He’d Stayed” will momentarily distract you from its underlying theme of lost love. Don’t let the slow guitar intro fool you, this song will take you on what feels like a tropical journey, all while Zāna’s longing vocals hint at a deeper meaning. This rare talent is able to make even the most heart-wrenching of topics feel uplifting through her ethereal and angelic vocal stylings.​"

Ones to Watch

 05  JUN, 2018

Zāna Interview with J-14 Magazine | Singer Talks "Call Ya", How She Got Started & More

 23  MAY, 2019

Zāna "Call Ya" with J-14 Magazine | Acoustic Live Performance

 04  MAY, 2018

“Badass Babes: Zāna on Slaying the Music Industry and her Fear’s Head-On”

 02  MAY, 2018

"Honestly, I always pictured myself as a singer when I was a child. Like it was very very far back in my mind but it was always there."

Stage Right Secrets

 30  APR, 2018

"Yup. This is definitely what I want to do." - Zāna

Vents Magazine

 09  MAR, 2018

"Before Being a “Gypsy-Pop” Singer, Zana Was in Her High School’s Drumline"

 27  FEB, 2018

​"New Music Round Up: Rising pop songstress Zana bares all in her new single ‘Call Ya’. Written by Zana and produced by Big Len, the song and its video deals with the raw emotion and questions which derive from the ups and downs of relationships."

 27  FEB, 2018

"New Music Alert: Zana’s Call Ya Video - We love new artists here, and Zana is a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is so unique and her songwriting is so personal. Her video for "Call Ya" is so beautiful and now you can see the amazing behind-the-scenes footage."

The New Nine

 23  FEB, 2018

Zāna's latest single "Call Ya" featured on TuneCore's "Music Made Me #NewMusicFriday" playlist.

 23  FEB, 2018

Zāna's latest single "Call Ya" featured on "10 Songs You Gotta Hear on #NewMusicFriday"

 23  FEB, 2018


 22  FEB, 2018

PREMIERE: "Zana just released her new music video for “Call Ya” and you need to see it! 

The up-and-coming songstress chatted with JJJ exclusively about how she created the song and the empowering message in the music video."

Just Jared Jr.

 13  AUG, 2015

Philippines movie star Xian Lim recently starred in Zāna's new music video "Deeper". See what he had to say about the experience here:

 09  AUG, 2015

"After voicing Paddington bear a few months back for the Philippine movie, Xian Lim has added another international project to his resume, appearing as singer Zāna’s love interest in her music video “Deeper.”'

 08  AUG, 2015

Kapamilya actor Xian Lim has been featured in a music video of American singer Zāna.

 17  SEP, 2014

"‘Into My Bed’ showcases Zāna’s sensual yet pop-like voice, while keeping a soulful tune that showcases her dignified sound. Zāna brings a unique flavor to her fusion of Serbo-Croatian Balkan and Lebanese inspired pop songs by belly dancing and playing several instruments while performing."

Skope Magazine

 06  AUG, 2014

““When I was little, I remember my mom taking me to a "mommy and me" piano class. I basically, like...almost destroyed the piano because I was pounding it so hard. …And we got kicked out, actually. So, my mom started having me play drums at like 8, because I used to like to break things and hear the sound that stuff would make, like the crashing noise.””

Take 2 Radio

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